The objectives of our trust have been framed and drafted in the view of imparting and paving the ways for upliftment and betterment of the people belonging to various communities listed under Kuruba Gowdas. Our community people have been assigned and called in various names at various locations in our country. The traditional names such as Kuruba Gowdas, konars, Kuruba Edayars, Kolla Edayars, Das Edayars,Karaiyalars, Manthiri pillai, Krishnavana ,Panickars and Yadhavas all come under one roof of Kuruba Gowdas.

The main objective of our Trust is to bring all denominations of our community people under one single roof of our Trust and make them aware to know their rights and privileges that are common to all and especially to us. Many of our people are living in various parts of the country in small numbers without having a concrete contact and smooth relationship with others which declines to have proper conversation and guidance for their promotion and progress of their lives and professional needs. So, it is felt that it is a must to co-ordinate and bring our people to one single roof. This can pave way to seek and get guidance, and to reform their ways and means to lead a care-free and trouble-free life.

As we are small in number, dwelling at various locations of the nation, and we have to live and move with other community people, we are often disgraced and degraded by them because of our lowered and bottom-level living of cultural, economical and social status. Our Trust would help our community people to know their social status, their rights and privileges, and to provide guidance for the uplilftment of their family socially, economically, culturally and educationally.

Our Trust would make our people to represent the state and central governments by providing the guidance for proper education with financial assistance for the poor and needy. Our Trust would promote our people to make their representation in the national cadre and co-exist with all other community people equally and without any humiliation by caste or community.

Our Trust would try and take steps to promote a casteless , creedless and religion-free society at the national level by teaching and guiding them equality, dignity, responsibility and duty to the society.

Our Trust mainly relies on the illiterate, uneducated and unemployed people who are unaware of social status rights and privileges they have and we aim to provide education and guidance so that they would aware of their duty, knowledge, rights and privileges. Our Trust also aims to help the children who are abandoned by adopting, educating and providing them all help whatever they require for their betterment of their lives.

Our Trust shall provide all assistance to any class of people without any caste, creed, religion, language and colour barrier for their upliftment in their lives and professional fronts.

Our Trust shall encourage the individuals or society or national or international organizations or voluntary bodies who devote their duties and render their services for the development and upliftment of our nation, and for the implementation of the government programmes and policies with no discrepancy regarding class of people.

Our Trust also encourages all religious activities without any par on religion to create, maintain and prolong peace, equality and brotherhood among the people of all spheres in the society.

Our Trust shall upgrade and undertake additional objectives whatever and whenever required from time to time according to the need, necessity time and urgency.



  Maharaja Suraj Mal

  Maharaja Ranjit Singh  
  Virender Sehwag