All our caste members yadavas, kurubas and others related caste people register here, We are expecting atleast 1 lakh of our caste people to be registered in our sangam this year , so that we can show our strength and also work for the welfare of our caste people, poor and needy.
Founder of Kuruba Gowda Sangam has acted on a villian role in a Popular Tamil serial called Arasi, as a Village Head.
This trust has been established and registered in November 2009 under societies Act by the Founder-Trustee Mr. G. RAJA. The office of the Trust now functions at No.7, Gangai Amman Koil Street, Kodambakkam, Chennai - 600 024, Tamil Nadu .Being the president of the Trust , Mr. G.RAJA has selected and appointed the other functionaries ,Vice-president, Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Treasurer and the Executive members.
The objectives of our trust have been framed and drafted in the view of imparting and having the ways for upliftment and betterment of the people belonging to various communities listed under Kuruba Gowdas. Our community people have been assigned and called in various names at various locations in our country.
Bandaru Dattatreya - Former Union Minister.
Siddaramaiah - Former Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka.
C.H.Vijayshankar – Mysore
Dr Y.Nagappa - Former Minister
H.Vishwanath - Former Minister
Bhausaheb Hake, ISRO
Abhishek Pal ISRO
Bharat Prasad Pal

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Today Yadavs constitutes 20% of India’s population and over 3% of world population-in terms of sheer numbers this translate to 20 crores or 200 millions. Yadav’s are the largest race in the history of the whole world. Out of 223 countries in whole world, there are only 4 countries including India with over 200 million population.

It has been truly said that yadav’s are not merely a community but a “nation” in themselves.