This Trust has been established and registered in November 2009 under societies Act by the Founder-Trustee Mr. G. RAJA. The office of the Trust now functions at No.7, Gangai Amman Koil Street, Kodambakkam, Chennai - 600 024, Tamil Nadu .Being the president of the Trust , Mr. G.RAJA has selected and appointed the other functionaries ,Vice-president, Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Treasurer and the Executive members.

The necessity to establish such a Trust for the development and welfare of the Kuruba Gowda community emerge on the humiliation that the Founder-Trustee and other office bearers experienced personally and individually from the persons of other communities who are larger in number than us.

One such example that experienced by the Founder-Trustee is very apt to illustrate the humiliation by the caste exploitation .In the village where he lived, there were about 100 families .Among them, five families were from our community. As we were less in number, comparing to the people of other communities, we had to face injustice in Panchayat and we were ill -treated and disrespected by them. They were in the view that our community people are slaves and untouchables and have no right to get even the fundamental requisites such as education , food, etc.

So we, the chief functionaries of this trust decided and determined to establish and develop a Trust in order to unite all our community people to eradicate the humiliation and disrespect experience from the other community people and create awareness among us to know our rights and privileges.

Moreover, our ancestors led their lives on sheep breeding, sheep nurturing, etc. Among them many celebrities like Major General Kariappa,Lalu Prasad yadav, Mulayam singh yadav, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister Siddharamaiah, Devendra Gowda (Telugu Desam)Baba Ramdev, and well know socialist Anna Hazare and so on re a few to quote, as they realized their abilities and rights and emerged to top.
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Different Names of Caste in our Community

Ahirs Bhati
Pillai Puhanian
Rabari Rai
Rauts Rawat
Rao Ssheb Sad gops
Sandilya Souryasaini
Saini or Shoorseni Surasena
Shaursaini Servai
Sridhar Surabhirs
Thatte Taljunghi
Yadav Yadava
Yadavulu Vakudayar

In Eastern India, Our community people are divided into three major denominations, viz. Krishnaut or kishnauth, the descendants of Krishna, Madhauth or Majhauth, the descendants of Madhu and Gaur, Gor or Gorya, a Yadav clan of Epic Mahabharata.

In Western India, Our community people are divided into three major clans. Viz. Yaduvanshi, the descendants of Yadu, Nandvanshi the descendants of Nanda and Gwalvanshi, the descendants of Holy Gwals.

Being 3% of world population and 20% of India's population, our community people are scattered throughout the world in various sects or denominations at various places.

We want to bring all our people united under the banner, "All India kuruba Gowda Sangam", keeping and remaining in the name of your traditional sect. This unity would encourage us in all spheres to obtain our rights and privileges in every field.

Ayar Bhragudev
Adhikari Chawda
Banaphar Chaudhary
Behera Deshwal
Pradhans Dhangars
Bharwad Dadhor
Bhagat Doss
Bhatrajus Edayar
Gaurs Gawli
Gadri Gadariya
Gaddi Golla
Gopala Gosia
Gouda Gowda
Goyal Gwal
Iruman Idaiyar
Idayar Kurubas or Gollas
Krishnauth Kuruma
Mahakul Maniyani
Manthri Mayar
Manjrauth Mandal
Mohaladiya, Nambiyar Nayakkar
Nirwan Oraon